Hello, I'm
Matthew Bernthal

Golfer & 2019 College Recruit from Phoenix, Arizona.

About me

Hi coach. I'm Matthew Bernthal, age 17, and I’ve been playing competitive golf since I was 8 years old. I won my very first tournament and was hooked. Since then I've competed in over 100 tournaments throughout Arizona, Texas, and California.

I currently play in the Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA), the nationally-ranked AJGA, and on my High School team (Arizona Lutheran Academy) where I have been the #1 golfer and varsity letter winner my first 3 years. My nickname at school is "Bernie."

I've also played on the Southern Arizona Junior Golf Association tour, the Southwest Section PGA Antigua Tour, the Southern Texas Junior PGA tour, and on the Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour.

My Goals

I love everything about golf but most of all I LOVE competition.  I thrive on it.  That's also why I admire my swing coach, Andy Walker so much. He was a key member of the 1997 NCAA national championship team at Pepperdine along with his close friend Jason Gore. His motto is, “I don’t have a passion for golf as much as I have a passion for competitive golf.”

I share that passion. That's why my goals for college golf are to play for a competitive team in any division. My desire is to improve as a golfer and as an individual so I can help my team be the best they can be. I believe that happens not only by shooting low scores, but also by setting a good example in academics, work ethic and making good life decisions.

Golf Highlights

Some of my fondest memories from my first 3 years of High School are getting a hole-in-on in my first High School golf match as a freshman (167 yards, 8-iron) and shooting 68 (-4) on the final day of the Arizona State High School championship as a Sophomore. It was the lowest score of the final round -- outpacing 98 other golfers, including prep standout Frankie C. (Alabama recruit at that time). As a Junior I beat Frankie in a head-on match at Palmboorok Country Club in May of 2018, winning by 2 strokes at his home course in a high school 9-hole match. At the time, Frankie was the world #1 golfer on Junior Golf Scoreboard. I shot 34 (2 under) to his 36 (even). Just a few months later, he is now a starter on Alabama's varsity team which is 6th in the nation. And Frankie is currently ranked 54th among all D1 college golfers.

What I'm Working On

This year I'm working 22 hours per week to improve my swing, my ball flight, my distance control, my mental game, and especially my short game. My favorite thing to practice is making clutch putts in pressure situations because that's what wins tournaments. 

Other Interests

Outside of golf, I also play football. I made varsity my freshman year and became a varsity starter by my Sophomore year. I was selected by my coaches to win the Coyote character award 3 out of my 4 playing years. Last Fall (my Junior year) I won the Mr. Hustle award for being the hardest worker in practice and most competitive on the field.

I'm a hard worker and try to excel at everything I do. In the classroom I have maintained a 3.91 (unweighted) GPA. I regularly volunteer at my church and am a member of the National Honor Society.

Why I'm a Good Recruit

I'm quiet by nature, but highly competitive. As a result, I usually play my best golf and card my best scores in the biggest tournaments.

I feel my character, athleticism, work ethic, scholarship, and commitment to improve makes me an ideal candidate for any golf coach looking to fill a roster slot for 2019. Please feel free to call or text me with any questions at (520) 405-0041.

My Vitals:

Height: 5-9,    Weight: 150
GPA: 3.91 (unweighted)

NCAA Clearinghouse #: 1705802383
Swing Coach:Andy Walker, andy@usgolfcombines.com (602)361-0531

Tournament Scoring Avg (~6900 yards):
  Age 13 — 85.77
  Age 14 — 82.8
  Age 15 — 79.1
  Age 16 — 77.4
  Age 17 — 76.1
High School Scoring Avg (~6500 yards):
  Freshman — 76.77
  Sophomore — 74.60
  Junior — 73.20

My Recent Tournament Scores:
AZ State DIII 2017 High School Golf Championship - 74-68 142   7th / 87
JGAA - Thunderbird Junior Classic, 2018 - 72-74 146   38th / 105
AZ State DIII 2018 High School Golf Championship - 85-73 158   17th / 90
USGA Junior Am Qualifier at Tucson CC - 78   48th / 71
JGAA - IMG Academy Junior World Qualifier - 76-77 153   7th / 24
JGAA - Thunderbird Junior Classic 2017 - 73-69 142   5th / 55
JGAA - Jr World Qualifier - 80-76 156   45th / 50
Antigua Milt Coggins Junior Stroke Play - 78-78-79 235   56th / 73
JGAA - Tucson Spring Classic - 78-77 155   7th / 21
Phoenix Metro High School Classic - 76-76 152   4th / 74
RMJGT - Tournament of Champions 2017 - 81-78 159   65th / 126
Tempe City Junior Championship 2017 - 80-76 156   17th / 29
SW PGA at Southern Ridge/Ahwautukee - 76-77 153   1st / 16
JGAA - Jr World Qualifier 2016 - 80-83 163   27th / 47
Antigua Milt Coggins Junior Stroke Play 2016 - 79-79-80 238   23rd / 40
AZ State DIII 2016 High School Golf Championship - 74-77 151   11th / 90
JGAA - Desert Mashie Spring Championship, 2016 - 80-75 155   17th / 43
JGAA - Winter Classic at GCU, 2015 - 82-77 159 12th /   27
STPGA Morris Williams, Austin TX, 2015 - 76   1st / 17

Full Swing Videos

I work hard on my driving since it is the second-most used club in my bag behind the putter. My preferred ball flight is straight or with a baby fade. My irons are straight or with a baby draw. I like flighting shots at different trajectories based on course and weather conditions.

Short Game Videos

I spend 70-80% of my practice time on my short game. I figure my swing is good enough to get me close to the green in regulation most of the time. It's getting the ball up and down that makes all the difference.

15 Yard level chip

These 4 chips are from 15 yards on a fairly level approach - so i want to want to play a bump and run on this to simplify the stroke, get the ball rolling as soon as possible and thereby control the runout.

32 yard downhill chip

These 4 chips were from 32 yards out of rough, downhill with 5 yards of carry on to green -- could have played a bump and run, but severely downhill with 3 breaks -- so I decided to open up club face on 58 deg and play a baby flop shot over most of the undulation to control the rollout better. The average distance I had left on these 4 shots 4 ft

24-yard Uphill Chip

I would normally want to play a bump and run here, but since more than half was carry or rough, I decided to camber my 58° wedge with a shallow attack and play a low skipper up to the hole. These 4 chips averaged 3 feet to the hole.
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Memory Lane

This is a video my dad took in the park about a year after I started playing golf, when I was 9 years old. Do you like the flip-flops?

Career Tournament Stats

I have played tournament golf every year since I was 8 years old, averaging 13-14 tournaments per year.
Tournaments Played
Top 5s
Top 10s

AZ State DIII 2017 individual Golf Medalists.

Swing videos

These are the 10 individual medalists at the Arizona DII High School Golf Championship in May 2017. I took 7th out of 87 with a 2 day total of 142 (74-68).

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Matthew Bernthal

(520) 405-0041